PGA Rankings are provided for both FanDuel and DraftKings, or really any Fantasy Golf needs. We focus heavily on PGA Stats to give you the best possible plays you can get for DraftKings and FanDuel PGA Events. Rankings are purely statistical, and formulas vary from course to course based on key course statistics. Key course statistics are chosen by evaluating the history of PGA events at the course, and what stats factored into previous Top 25 performances.

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Golfer Top Flight Score FanDuel Salary FD GPV DraftKings Salary DK GPV 6 YR. Avg. 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 SG: T2G SG: OTT Driving Distance Driving Accuracy Hit Fairway Percentage Rough Tendency GIR GIR 100-125 GIR 125-150 GIR 150-175 GIR 175-200 GIR 200+ Proximity to Hole SG: A Approach 100-125 Approach 125-150 Approach 150-175 Approach 175-200 Approach 200+ SG: ARG Scrambling % Scrambling from the Sand Scrambling from the Rough Sand Save % SG: P Birdie or Better % 3-Putt Avoidance 1-Putt % SG: T Scoring Average Scoring Avergage prior to Cut Rounds in the 60s Birdie Average Birdie or Better % Birdie to Bogey Ratio Bounce Back Par Breakers Birdie or Better % - From Fairway Bogey Avoidance Reverse Bounce Back Par 3 Scoring Par 4 Scoring Par 5 Scoring

- Please Note, we don't have all performance history, just all since June of 2018 for PGA Tour Events Only.
- If any stat fields are blank, it's because we currently don't have them for this player. Some stats, such as Strokes Gained, are only kept on the PGA Tour events, and not Euro events, so those stats aren't available.
Using vital stats for the course this week, we've graded every player in the field. NOTE: Anyone who was "CUT" or "W/D" from Course History were recorded as 78th place in our rankings. Keep that in mind.