Welcome to the 2020 NFL DVP page. NFL DVP is one of the most common used stats in DFS but this isn’t your normal NFL DVP page. We have include stats to help determine teams strengths and most importantly weaknesses. Many people just look at NFL DVP and say, “Hey they’re bad against RB’s”, but most don’t look at what type of RB. Teams could get shredded by pass catching RB but are solid against traditional RB. We must look closer at these stats to determine which types of players we want to play against a certain defense. That is why we include the stats and game averages along with the DVP to help guide you in the right direction. The stats are pretty self explanatory but one you might not know is ToT/g in the RB tab. That stat accounts for total targets per game (rush att and pass targets). Remember to not only use DVP but also other things like advanced stats and vegas odds. Fiddle around with it and find some weaknesses to help create your NFL DFS Lineups. Be sure to check out the articles and utilize our FanDuel Optimizer and DraftKings Optimizer.