UFC 255 MAA DFS Odds and Stats for Fanduel and Draftkings

UFC DFS Odds & Stats

UFC 255: Figueiredo vs Perez

The stats on this page are some of the most commonly used stats when building UFC DFS lineups on Fanduel and Draftkings. The chart below will show you 4 different odds and stats that I will explain below. You obviously cant just use these when building UFC DFS lineups on Fanduel or Draftkings, but they will put you on the right path with your UFC 255 DFS lineups. I get my odds from vegasinsider and DK Sportsbook. The finish rates all come from Sherdog. Be sure to use this info coupled with Nates weekly article that can be found here MMA Picks.

Finish  Rate

This stat is simply the rate at which a fighter finishes a fight before the final bell when he/she wins. When building UFC DFS lineups we want fighters who have a higher finish rate as that garnishes the most points for our UFC DFS lineups. We must remember that just because a fighter is high priced doesn’t mean they are more likely to finish. DK and FD pricing is based off odds to win.

Finished Rate

This stat represents how often a fighter gets finishes before the final bell when he/she loses. Like finish rate above we want the fighters we pick to go up against fighters who have a tendency to get KO’d or submitted more often than not. A big mistake people make in UFC DFS, especially when picking high priced fighters, is not looking at the finish rate of their opponents. Some fighters are just very tough and take it to the final bell consistently. We must also take their win/loss record into account when looking at this stat. If a fighter only has one loss and they were finished then that rate is obviously a little overblown.

Odds to Win

This stat is pretty self explanatory. The bigger the number behind the – means the bigger the fighter is favored to win. UFC DFS fighter prices are soley based off of this number. We can sometimes can catch Fanduel or Draftkings when odds shift later in the week making one fighter under priced, but that doesn’t happen all that often.

Odds to Finish Inside the Distance

Like odds to win the bigger the number behind the – means the bigger the fight is favored to finish before the final bell. This is extremely important when creating UFC DFS lineups. Most people gravitate towards the more popular fights and overlook the lessor known fights but that’s where we use these odds to find those hidden gems. UFC DFS lineups need a lot of finishes in order to take down GPP’s. A lot of times we can find a fight that has close odds but decent odds to finish and can sprinkle each of the fighter throughout our UFC DFS lineups without much variance in salary.

UFC DFS Review

The last thing to remember when building our Fanduel and Draftkings UFC DFS lineups is this sport is extremely volatile. Every fighter is one mistake away from getting KO’d or submitted. So be sure to take some chances on lower odds fighters at times and use the tools above to find out which ones have a tendency to finish their opponents before the final bell. Sit back and enjoy the action of UFC 255!

MMA DFS Stats & Odds

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