UFC 241 DraftKings Advice

UFC 241

This should be a pretty exciting card. The main card should be nothing short of amazing. We should see a good amount of finishes here which should make for a fairly high scoring DFS night given the price point of some of these fighters. On this card I would shoot to play at least 10 lines. Let’s dive in.

Main Targets

DC/Stipe- short and sweet here you will want 100%...

UFC 240 DraftKings Picks

UFC 240 Ok this is a very tough card for DFS purposes as a few of these top priced fighters are going to be needed. We’re looking at needing a few underdogs to fill out our lineups. Expensive Fighter Ranks Holloway- Edgar is as tough as they come which makes Holloway even more intriguing. Holloway is an extremely high volume puncher and in a 5 round fight he’s pretty much a lock button...

UFC Fight Night

Based on playing 10 lines here’s the fights and fighters I’ll be targeting.
I’m really shying away from these 9K and up fighters tonight. We need first round finishes here for them to pay off and with what we have below I don’t see the need to take unnecessary risk with these guys. With that said they should be very low owned and could create some...

UFC 237 DK Picks

UFC 237
Ok here’s the thing about this card. It’s in Brazil and this home field advantage is like no other. We have a lot of Brazilians on the card and these other fighters are starting to become more aware of the judging that goes down in Brazil.
Fights I’m focusing on
These are basically the fights where I’ll grab some share...

UFC Thompson vs Pettis Draftkings advice

****UFC Thompson vs Pettis**** Let me start by saying this is a pretty shit card for DFS purposes but should be an entertaining card to watch. I’m only playing a couple lines and not investing too much money into this card. Blaydes- I can see Willis coming in with highish ownership and I understand it but Blaydes is the more polished and well rounded fighter. Blaydes gives you KO power a...