Thursday Night Football – NFL DFS Advice: Panthers @ Texans

Thursday Night Football: NFL DFS Advice:

Here we discuss the NFL single game/showdown DFS slates for Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football, and the strategies on how to attack them. We will cover both Fanduel and Draftkings single game and showdown slates. These types of slates vary from game to game but the strategies tend to be pretty similar. Most people want to get their hands on both quarterbacks in NFL single game and showdown DFS lineups and if not then at least one. People rarely play both kickers or DST on single game NFL DFS slates. Vegas lines and player props play a huge part in building lineups as well. You’ll find updated Vegas odds here Vegas insider and player props DraftKings Player Props here. Last thing to think about is pairing a teammate with the captain/MVP spot and if playing both quarterbacks putting in a target for each. All of these strategies do make sense but finding ways to be different is how you will find your way on top of NFL single game DFS leaderboards.

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Thursday Night Football:  NFL DFS Panthers @ Texans Overview

We have a low implied total of 44 for this game with the Panthers being heavily favored by 8 points. The Texans will be without Tyrod Taylor for this game and will be playing Davis Mills. As of right now, Danny Amendola has yet to practice this week and is doubtful for the game. The Texans secondary is banged up as well so pay attention to the injury news as we approach kickoff.

1. Christian McCaffrey

C-Mac is BACK! In the first two weeks of the season, he is averaging 23 carries, 7 catches, and 162 yards from scrimmage a game. Pretty obvious the opportunities will be there and he gets to face a subpar defense in Houston. As a Panthers fan I know we do not fair well on Thursday nights but I really don’t see that being an issue in this one.

2. Sam Darnold

I promise I’m not being a homer here this matchup is just too good for the Panthers. Darnold has come out with a vengeance so far this season and has honestly surprised me. He has more weapons at his disposal than ever before and has been making the most of it. He gets to face a banged up secondary and may get more time with the ball with the Texans having a backup quarterback in.

3 (Contrarian Pick). Brandin Cooks

I normally don’t like picking receivers in the MVP spot due to Fanduel’s half PPR but if you are wanting someone low owned in the MVP spot you have to take risks. If this offense is going to get things going they are going to need Cooks to make some plays. With a backup in he is risky and I feel that some people may avoid him especially taking a shot at MVP. Cooks is capable of taking one long at any time which could send you flying up the leaderboard.

DraftKings Showdown Captain

1. Sam Darnold (pricing)

2. Christian McCaffrey

3 (Contrarian Pick). D.J. Moore

With the full PPR structure on DraftKings Moore is the better pick based on the data we have so far. He has led receivers in targets two weeks in a row and has made it clear he is still the number one receiver on the team. He is pricey so his ownership in the Captain spot should be pretty low.

FanDuel Single Game Thursday Night Football Flex Plays

1. D.J. Moore

2. Robby Anderson

Anderson has had a slow start to the season outside his one long touchdown in week 1. I think this may be the week Darnold and Anderson connect for some deep ones and if Anderson can take 1 to the house he may break the slate.

3. Mark Ingram

Ingram has been the featured back so far especially on running downs. If the Texans are smart they would approach this game wanting to the ball because Carolina’s run defense is still pretty suspect. Ingram is familiar with the Panthers from his time in New Orleans and we can expect them to go to him if they can get near the goal line.

4. Davis Mills

It is pretty rare that I would rank a quarterback this low but I didn’t see much potential with Mills. He went 8 of 18 with a fumble and an interception when he came into the game but he will have time to prepare but on a short week. The Panthers pass defense has been good so far but getting a quarterback at this price is hard to pass up.

DraftKings Showdown Thursday Night Football Flex Plays

1. Brandin Cooks

2. Robby Anderson

3. Mark Ingram

4. Davis Mills

Low Owned Single Game and Showdown Punt Plays

Kickers are always an option in single games and Showdowns as we don’t know what will happen with that and I usually like them in games that are expected to be high scoring.

1. David Johnson

Johnson won’t exactly be overlooked but will be lower owned than other top guys. He has been the most involved in the passing game than the other backs on the team and that will likely come in handy this game. If they are behind late expect some check downs to Johnson especially with a backup quarterback in.

2. Dan Arnold

It is basically impossible to replace a Tight End like Greg Olsen and the Panthers are learning that the hard way. Arnold isn’t an amazing Tight End but he is a decent option. He saw 4 targets last week and 3 the week before that so he won’t get you a ton of opportunity but he will save you salary to fit the higher priced guys. He is a long shot but if he finds the end zone we may see him in the winning lineup.

3. Anthony Miller

If Amendola is indeed out of this game then that will open up things for Miller in his first game. This would be a much better play if Taylor was in but Miller will likely be on the field more and they will need to pass the ball. Chris Conley will be the more popular cheap play and he definitely is on my radar but we need to be different. This game is a mess after the top guys and taking a shot on someone is going to make the difference in this slate.

DraftKings punt only: Carolina Defense

Favorite Thursday Night Football Showdown Stacks

1. Darnold, Mccaffrey, Moore

2. Darnold, Mccaffrey, Anderson

Contrarian: Darnold, Moore, Arnold

Thank you all for reading! Remember to not pay too much attention to left over salary in single game NFL DFS. Don’t be afraid to have 4 from one team and only 1 from another. It is scary sometimes seeing that you don’t have balance between the two teams but these single games are basically like the lottery and having something like that can be the winning ticket. Be sure to utilize Top Flight’s single game optimizers (DraftKings Optimizer, FanDuel Optimizer) Thank you all for reading let’s win some damn money and enjoy Sunday Night Football!

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