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The Triple T: Tim’s Top Three

For those unfamiliar with my article, I will be listing my three favorite players at each position – two of my favorite higher-priced guys and my favorite “value” play. The top three plays at each position can also be used for cash games. As it relates to that value play, I am using Fanduel players priced around $3000 on that site as a gauge, but the plays can be applied to both sites, unless otherwise noted. Please note that these are NOT the only plays I like, but I can’t list everyone and truly try to narrow down the field as much as possible. Use these plays along with your own research!

*Be sure to compare with your own research from our incredible matchup tool!

 Any changes will be marked in red so check back before lock! 

Top Three Pitchers

Pitcher (No order):

Boom-or-bust: Espino, Odorizzi

Notes: Kershaw is rumored to be limited to about 60 pitches tonight so I would avoid him. Alcantara is expensive but the matchup with Washington is a good one. I thought he might be popular but it looks like E-Rod is the most popular arm tonight so Sandy could actually be a nice contrarian play. Wainwright is good but I just don’t think I make it to him. The Mets are starting to hit and he doesn’t carry great strikeout upside. I listed him over Yu though just because I can’t trust Yu against the best team in the league to righties. Yu is another guy that would be a contrarian tourney play. I don’t hate the play and actually might use him in one of those huge tourney lottery ticket contests but with the loss of his spin, I can’t trust him in any big money contest at this point.

Top Three Positional Players 

*These plays can be used, and are suitable for, cash games as well as tourneys*


Catcher (DK-centric position):
Value: Nola, Vazquez


1st Base:
Value:  Gurriel, Y Diaz, Choi


2nd Base:
T Turner
K Hernandez
Value: Villar, La Stella


3rd Base:
J Turner
Value: Wendle, Y Diaz


Value: Wendle, Valera, Walls


Outfield (6 for good measure):

T Hernandez
Value: Myers, J Sanchez, Pham, Bellinger, Meyers, Kiermeier, Phillips, Siri

Top Team Stacks (both sites, no order):

Blue Jays (Guerrero/Bichette/Hernandez/Semien/Springer) –  McHugh opens tonight and is followed by Yarbrough which does make this stack a little hairy. McHugh has been great but Yar has not been so we might have to “eat” an at-bat of our high-priced bats here before Yarbrough comes in. Because of that, I don’t mind gravitating elsewhere but it does look like some other stacks like LAD and Hou are more popular so they could make for a nice tourney play.

Astros (Alvarez/Tucker/Correa/Altuve/Bregman) – One of the best teams to righties against an awful righty in Howard, I see no reason why the Astros shouldn’t feast tonight.

Boston (Devers/Bogaerts/Martinez/Schwarber/Hernandez) – I think this stack actually goes very low owned tonight which is why I list them here. Gilbert has had a good rookie campaign but he is allowing a huge 45% hard contact and 48% flyball rate and .whopping .493 slugging pct to righties this season and Boston can roll out a lot of power from that side of the plate.


Boom-or-Bust/Under The Radar Stack(s):

Dodgers (Muncy/Betts/Turner/Seager/Turner) – This stack actually looks to be the most popular based on early indications. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen but we should tread lightly if so. The Dodgers have been abysmal to righties over the last month. With that said, so has Gallen. In a matchup between Gallen and LAD I will side with LAD every time, especially when Gallen comes in allowing an eye-popping 53% hard contact and 57% flyball rate to righties over the last month with an ISO over .300 to them.

Rays (Cruz/Meadows/Phillips/Choi/Wendle/Kiermeier) – The “reach” stack of the night. Manoah, like Gilbert, has been good but I noticed a flaw in his game and that is to lefties. Against them, he is allowing a .344 wOBA and .442 slugging percentage (highest on the slate) to lefties and just a .226 wOBA and .245 slugging to righties. I would focus more on the lefties here in this one though it kind of sucks that we don’t get Lowe. If you don’t want to play this whole stack, you can at least use Phillips or Kiermeier for nice salary relief.



Cash Core For Tonight

Plays by position above are intended for both cash and GPP purposes

  • Posted at 6:00pm

Fanduel Cash Core:  Rodriguez, Alvarez, Betts

DraftKings Cash Core:    Rodriguez, Betts, Alvarez


As always, remember to make sure these players are indeed in the lineup and that weather is okay. Don’t forget that baseball is by far the highest variance sport but by truly digging in to the numbers and turning over every stone, we can mitigate that variance.  Please follow Top Flight Fantasy Sports on Twitter and Facebook if you haven’t already and good luck!

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