League of Legends 3/2


League of Legends 3/2/21


We have what I believe is gong to be a nice competitive 2 game slate tomorrow.  I will be playing the favorites but I could see either dog as live tomorrow.


Game 1 we have Suning (-650) taking on TT (+400)  in what I think will be a closer game than what the spread suggests.  TT just gave JD all they could handle before running out of gas in game 3.  After a shaky start Suning in starting to look like they are back on track.  Suning own the gold differential and creep lead at 15 minutes.  At the same time when they are ahead at 15 minutes they win 88% of the time.  I think Suning own advantages in all the lanes as every body on Suning have a higher damage per minute than any of their counter parts on TT.  Huangfeng has the highest damage per minute so I love him also because of his high kill participation.  SofM has been playing way better and his stats are coming back up where they were last year and Angel also holds high damage and kill percentage.


Game 2 is another one I can see as a close one but I still like the favorite IG (-360) over BLG (+255).  One big reason I like IG in this game is the sub that BLG is going with on support in Jwei.  IG also looked terrible in their loss to Suning after they handed EDG their first loss on the season.  Both teams give up a lot of kills in losses BLG 20 and IG 19.  The thing is IG is also averaging 20 kills in their wins.  Xun and Puff lead IG in kill participation and if Puff kills it your going to want to have Lucas with him.  Rookie is third on the team in kill percent.


As I said, I think both dogs are active here but I do like the favorites in the end.  With the high death total you will want your 4 stack to come from the second game as that has the highest projected scores.

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Rich Block

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