UFC DFS Fight Night Picks-

Rozenstruik vs Gane

I am a UFC/MMA super fan and typically play 5 lines per event and try to have a little exposure to just about every fighter based solely on the unpredictability of the sport. This card went from 13 fights down to 10 fights and is pretty ugly but lets get into to it regardless.

Overview and Exposure for Fight Night:

Rozenstruik (11-1) vs Gane (7-0):

This main event should be awesome. Roz has insane power with 10 tko/ko wins and his only blemish was to current number one contender Ngannou. MMA experts refer to Gane as a heavyweight that moves like a welterweight, the dude is lightning quick for being 245 pounds! Gane has 6 finishes with 3 by sub and 3 by tko. He has a slick ground game and even though he lacks the experience he is more well rounded and quicker. I will have a lot more Gane than Roz but will have a line with Roz based on the punching power.

Krylov (27-7) vs Ankalaev (14-1):

Krylov has a ton of experience and isnt even 30 years old yet! He has insane finish rate with 26 of 27! He is well rounded and most of losses were to the upper echelon of the division. Ankalaev is on a 5 fight win streak and has 8 tko wins. This will be his biggest test by far. This is a tough fight to call honestly, Krylov is a huge underdog but he has proven that he take punches and if he can get a takedown and work a submission he could pull of the upset. I will definitely have both of these guys in my lines.

De La Rosa (11-6) vs Silva (7-1):

De la Rosa is stepping late notice on this one, she has lost 2 of her last 3 but is always super tough and does boast 9 submission wins. Silva has 6 finishes with 5 of those by submission and she herself has never been finished in a fight. Silva is the big favorite but they both have good ground game. I will have both ladies but may this one light.

Munhoz (18-5) vs Rivera (23-4):

This is rematch of the first fight over 5 years ago in which Rivera won by split decision. These 2 guys are so experienced and scrappy this will be awesome! Munhoz has dropped his last 2 fights but is always super tough, he has 13 finishes 4 by tko and 9 by sub and he has never been finished!! Rivera doesn’t have a lot of finishes and usually grinds out decisions but he is very similar to Munhoz in that he is tough to finish, he has 2 tko losses over the years. The line on this one is lose with Rivera being the slight favorite. I will have both guys.

Hill (12-9) vs Yoder (8-6):

This should be a good ladies scrap. Both are experienced and super tough. Hill has 5 tko wins and Yoder has 4 sub wins, other than that all their fights go to the judges and Yoder has never been finished and is tough as nails. Hill is the bug favorite in this one but with Yoder’s toughness you never now. I’ll play both but light once again.

Caceres (17-12) vs Croom (21-12):

Caceres is on a 3 fight winning streak and has looked very good in those fights. Croom is also on 3 fight streak coming in. Croom is more of a finisher than Caceres but in this one that could be dangerous as Caceres can catch you with anything if you aren’t careful. Caceres is the big favorite here. I’ll play more Caceres but will have some Croom too.

Hernandez (12-3) vs Moises (14-4):

Hernandez is an up and comer, he has 7 finishes with 5 of those by tko. Moises has 9 finishes with 6 by sub and has never been finished. Hernandez has been tko’d a couple of times and is the big favorite. He will have to be careful as this is no easy fight. I will have some of both guys but Moises is dangerous.

Davis (19-10) vs Mazo (9-1):

Davis has lost 3 in a row and may be slowing down in her career. She does boast 9 submission wins. Mazo is young 23 year old prospect who has looked great in all of her fights. This will be a big test for Mazo and she is the big favorite. I think Mazo will win but it probably won’t be pretty. I will do my best to fade as Mazo wont score enough to justify her price.

Lawrence (6-1) vs Cachero (7-3):

Lawrence is on a 3 fight streak and has 3 tko wins. Cachero has lost 3 of 4 but is tough. Lawrence is the favorite and I will have a lot of him in this one.

Jacoby (13-5) vs (31-8-2):

Jacoby is on a 3 fight win streak and has 9 tko wins so his hands are no joke. Grishin is obviously way more experienced and is 8-1 in his last 9. Grish has 22 finishes, 16 by tko and 6 by sub. I was honestly shocked to see Grishin is the underdog here. I will have more of him than Jacoby but will have a little Jacoby also.



He is pricey at 9000 but should be totally worth it as I think he is just too much for Roze.


I don’t know a lot about him but he is 8600 and I feel he will steamroll his opponent.



I feel this one will be a war. They have already fought once and have proven time and time again that they are tough as nails. Even with Rivera being the slight favorite you cant go wrong with Munhoz either. Both guys should get a lot of points even a loss as their should be a lot of strikes thrown.



I can not believe he is only 7700. I’ll take that all day, unless he gets cracked with a power shot he should be able to get it done.


He is only 7500 and even if he loses he should garner a decent amount of points with takedowns and punches


This is a bit of a stretch but at 7000 I’m willing to eat it so I can pack my lineup with studs. This fight should go to judges and if she can eek out a decision win it would pay off huge.

MMA is extremely unpredictable. Any fighter is one kick, punch, slip, eye poke or even groin kick away from the fight being stopped at any second.

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Nate Shoemaker

Nate Shoemaker

Nate is an MMA Expert who started writing for us in 2020. He does weekly write ups for UFC Fights.