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UFC DFS Fight Night: DFS picks- Blaydes vs Lewis

I am a UFC/MMA super fan. I usually play lines per event and play strictly on Draft Kings. I try to have a little exposure to every fight on the card due to the unpredictability of the sport. This card is going to be awesome with a whooping 14 fights! Lets get into it.

Overview and Exposure Fight Night Blaydes vs Lewis

Blaydes (14-2) vs Lewis (24-7):

Blaydes has won 4 in a row coming in, his only 2 losses to current number one contender Ngannou. He is an elite level wrestler but he also has 9 tko wins. He tends to go for takedowns and beat up from top control. Lewis has won 3 in a row coming in and has some the hardest punches in all of the UFC. His 19 tko/ko victories will back that up. Blaydes is the biggest favorite on the card and I feel he will go for the takedown and do his thing because he definitely doesn’t want to take a shot from Lewis. I’ll go heavy with Blaydes but will do 1 line with Lewis based on the power punches.

Vieira (11-1) vs Kunitskaya (13-5):

Vieira isn’t very flashy but is well rounded and comfortable where ever the fight goes. Kunitskaya will want to keep this fight standing and bang it out. Vieira is a huge favorite in this one but I will do my best to fade.

Minner (25-11) vs Rosa (13-4):

I really like this fight! Minner has a ton of experience and has won 3 of 4 coming in. He has 22 submission wins! That is insane! Rosa is super tough and has 8 submission wins of his own. Another thing worth noting is that 8 of Minner’s 11 losses were by sub. I think either guy can win this one and with Rosa being the favorite I may lean towards Minner catching the sub. I will have a lot of both guys as I feel this will end in a sub one way or the other.

Oleinik (59-14-1) vs Daukaus (10-3):

The ageless wonder that is Oleinik is back. He is 4-6 in his last 10 and has a whooping 46 submission wins. Daukaus is an up and comer who has looked impressive in his 2 UFC fights. He has insane power and has 8 tko/ko wins. Daukaus is the big favorite and will win this fight as long he doesn’t go to the ground. Oleinik is a master at pulling off the slick submissions from crazy angles and the young prospect will be in big trouble if he gets taken down. I will have a lot of Daukaus and 1 with Oleinik just for the experience and submission game.

Imavov (9-2) vs Hawes (9-2):

This is my favorite fight on the card! Imavov has won 6 in a row coming in and has 7 finishes. Hawes has won 5 in a row and has finished all 9 of his wins. The line is super close on this fight and could go either way but my gut is telling me that Imavov will pull it out. I will have both guys in my lines as I don’t see this one going to the judges.

Arlovski (30-19) vs Aspinall (9-2):

Arlovski is still going strong at 42 but is 3-4 in his last 7. Aspinall is a beast having won 5 in a row and all 9 wins in the first round. Aspinall is the big favorite and rightfully so. He chops away at the legs with kicks and then swings for the kill and despite Arlovski being tough as nails I don’t feel he is any match for Aspinall.

Gordon (16-4) vs Chavez (11-3):

Gordon is 2-3 over his last 5, he only has 8 finishes, and has been tko’d in all 4 losses. Chavez is the slight favorite and has won 4 in a row coming in. He isn’t much of a finisher either and both of these guys are super tough so this should be good one. I will have more Chavez but will definitely have some Gordon too.

Klose (14-2-1) vs Pena (8-3):

Klose has won 3 of 4 coming in and lost his last fight by brutal KO. He is short and relies on his elite wrestling. Pena is super tough and will be fighting for his job. He is 3-3 over his last 6 and will have a huge height and reach advantage. Pena is a big underdog and I actually lean towards him a little more but will have both guys in lines.

Wineland (24-14-1) vs Castaneda (17-5):

Wineland has been in some all out wars over the years but seems to be slowing down. He has 3 of his last 4. He likes to stand and bang. Castaneda has also lost 3 of 4 coming in and is very well rounded and super tough. I will have a little of both.

Erosa (24-8) vs Landwehr (14-3):

This fight could steal the show! Erosa has a ton of experience and is comfortable everywhere. He has 23 finishes in his 24 wins with 10 by tko and 11 by sub. Dude is a beast! Landwehr is 8-1 in his last 9 and loves to stand right in front of you and slug it out. This will be a blood bath and surely entertain. This fight is even and can’t go wrong picking either guy. I will have full exposure and some of both.

Dobson (4-4) vs O’Neill (5-0):

Dobson seems to play gatekeeper in this division. Last year she pulled off the biggest upset in UFC history when she beat Agipova as a +800 underdog, so never count her out. O’Neill is a young 24 year old prospect who has a couple of finishes. I will fade this fight just simply due to the unknown of O’neill despite her being a decent favorite.

Skelly (18-3) vs Emmers (18-5):

This should be a good scrap. I love the way Skelly fights and these guys are both experienced vets. Skelly has 13 submission wins and has proven to be super tough by only being finished once. Emmers has won 5 of 6 coming in and is the favorite. I will have some of both guys but feel this fight is closer than the line says.

Zahabi (7-2) vs Rodriguez (7-1):

Zahabi has dropped 2 in a row but does have 6 finishes to his credit. Rodriguez is a 24 year old prospect who also has 6 finishes. Rodriguez is the favorite and I feel he gets the job done. I will have some Roddy and will fade Zahabi.

Spivak (11-2) vs Vanderaa (11-4):

A nice heavyweight fight to start the card off. Spivak is well rounded and has 10 finishes. Vanderaa has won 5 of 6 coming in has 10 finishes also. I think this fight will end by Spivak sub or Vanderaa TKO. Spivak is the big favorite and normally I love the heavyweight fights due to their high finish rates but this one is tough to call. I will have more Spivak but will do a line with Vander just because of his power.




He is spendy at $9200 but I think he will be totally worth it.


He is making his debut and is young but I feel they gave him a good matchup and he is reasonable at $8700


Most expensive on the card at $9400 but the points should add up nicely to justify the price.



As I stated in the overview, these guys are both beasts and the fight is a legit pick em. Both salaries are $8100 and the fan in me wants this to be a decision but both guys are capable of the KO and it could go either way. I feel you need at least one of these guys in your line to cash because there will be a lot of points scored but I have no clue how this one will end up but I know I will entertained.


This is another super close fight line wise. Both guys are streaking right now so it should be a good one. Hawes is quicker and faster and comes out for the kill where as Imavov is more calculated. If Im can weather the storm and wear him down then he can win but if Hawes connects it could be lights out. Honestly, flip a coin.


Minner– his submission is one of the best in the division and he is only $7400. Proceed with caution.

Pena– I was shocked to see he is only $7200. He will have a 5 inch reach advantage and has a lot to fight for so it’s possible he can pull it off.

Skelly- He is only $7400 and being a veteran with a slick submission makes him dangerous.


UFC DFS is extremely unpredictable. Every fighter is a punch, kick, cut, eye poke, or slip away from the fight being over in a split second.


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Nate Shoemaker

Nate Shoemaker

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