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I am an MMA/UFC super fan and usually play strictly on DratKings. I’ll play 5 lines per event and try to have 5 lines per event just based solely on the unpredictability of the sport. With that said, it’s time to get into picks.

Overview and Exposure for Fight Night Overeem vs Volkov

Overeem (47-18) vs Volkov (32-8):

This is going to be an awesome fight! 2 veteran heavyweights who are on rolls are about to bang it out. Reem has won 4 of 5 coming in and has a whooping 42 finishes, but he has also been tko/ko’d 13 times over his long career. Volkov has won 8 of 10 coming in has 21 KO wins to his credit, he is also super tough and very hard to finish. I feel like Volkov being so much younger is hitting his prime and should win this but, Overeem has insane power and has proven more than once that it only takes one from him and its lights out. I will have a lot of both guys but lean towards Volkov.

Sandhagen (13-2) vs Edgar (24-8-1):

Sandhagen is a young well rounded fighter and Edgar is a legend. Sandhagen is the monster favorite and will have a big height and reach advantage. Edgar has been in there with everyone and seems to be showing his age as of late going 4-4 in his last 8. I like Sandhagen a lot in this but I will roll with Edgar in a line.

Johnson (19-16) vs Guida (35-20):

All I can say about this one is wow. Talk about a legends fight, this truly is that. Johnson is a big favorite and I am not quite sure why. He has been more active over the years but Guida is one tough dude with a slick submission game. Johnson has lost 6 of 8 coming in and Guida has lost 3 of 4. I think this will be an entertaining fight and will have a little of both guys.

Pantoja (22-5) vs Kape (15-4):

Pantoja is the epitome of tough, he has 27 fights and has never been finished! He has 17 finishes to his name. There is a lot of hype surrounding Kape making his UFC debut and he was talking a lot of trash at the weigh ins so this should be a good one. I really like Pantoja in this one, he seemed laser focus and knows a title shot could be looming with a dominant performance. I will have a lot of Pantoja but will run 1 line with Kape.

Stammann (19-3-1) vs Askar (11-1):

Stamann isn’t super flashy but he is durable and tough. Askar is making his debut on short notice but has an impressive record. Stam is a huge favorite in this one. I will have some of both but neither fighter is super flashy and think this will go to the judges.

Ferriera (17-2) vs Dariush (19-4-1):

I am most excited for this fight more than any other on the card! This a rematch from October 2014. Dariush won he first fight my UD. Ferriera is red hot winning 6 in a row coming in, Dariush has won 5 in a row coming in and is very well rounded. It’s worth noting that Dariush has been knocked out in 3 of his 4 losses. The line on this fight is a super close and is a true toss up. My gut tells me Ferriera will win this but both guys are in their prime and its anyone fight. I will have a lot of exposure to this!

Rodriguez (11-5) vs Marques (10-2):

Rodriguez has won all 11 by finish, he has also been finished in 3 of his 5 losses. Marques is well rounded and has won 3 in a row. Marques is the dog in this one and feel he can get the upset if he can get it to the ground. I will have some of both guys.

Jaynes (16-6) vs Smith (10-2):

Jaynes has lost 2 in a row but has proven to be super tough. Smith has KO power and has finished all his opponents with 9 of them by tko/ko! One intriguing thing about this fight is Smith’s chin. In both of his losses his been KO’d. I will have a lot of Smith but will run one with Jaynes with the KO chance.

Rosa (13-3) vs Edwards (10-2):

Rosa is a beast, she is on a roll winning 4 in a row coming in. Edwards just fought a few weeks ago and is taking this on short notice. Rosa is a huge favorite and has looked impressive so far. I will have a lot of Rosa.

McCann (10-3) vs Procopio (6-1):

McCann isn’t flashy but has the experience. Procopio has 3 finishes. I will try to fade this fight but do lean towards Procopio.

Zalal (10-3) vs Choi (8-3):

Zalal has won 4 of 5 coming in and has 7 finishes on his resume. Choi hasn’t fought in 15 months and is a huge underdog.

Valiev (16-2) vs Day (8-5):

Val has won 6 in a row and is a huge favorite and should win, my only knock on him is that he doesn’t have a lot of finishes. Day is a striker who has lost 3 in a row. I will be all Valiev.

Osborne (8-3) vs Rivera (10-4):

Rivera is taking this fight on super short notice and just fought a few weeks ago. He has 7 wins by way of sub. Osborne is a wrestler who had won 4 in a row before losing in his debut. He has 5 sub wins to his credit also. This should be a nice fight to kick off the card. This fight could go either way buy I am biased towards Osborne because my cousin is one of his training partners. I will have both guys in lines.



He has had a few opponent changes but I don’t see him having any problems with Day. $9300


She has looked amazing in her 2 UFC fights so far and if she is can keep it standing her superior striking will prevail. $8700

Toss Ups:


It’s been a long time since their first matchup and Ferriera has improved a lot. Both of these guys are streaking and these should be fantastic. The only reason I lean towards Ferreira more is because of Dariush’s suspect chin.


Pantoja is a true veteran. He’s fought the who’s who of the division and never been finished. He seemed very focused at the weigh in’s. I don’t know a lot about Kape but there is a lot of hype behind him coming in and the line on this fight is pretty much a pick em.



Marques- He is more well rounded than his opponent and is only $7200. I’ll take a chance on him in some lines

Overeem- It’s Overeem. He is only $7600. He has the kill or be killed style. Could pay off.

Guida- He is only $7400 and is always a tough draw. He is perfectly capable of winning this fight.



UFC DFS is extremely unpridctable. Every fighter is a punch, kick, cut, eye poke, or slip away from the fight being over at any second.


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Nate Shoemaker

Nate Shoemaker

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