NFL DFS Advice: Super Bowl 55 Buccaneers vs. Chiefs

NFL DFS Advice: Super Bowl 55 Buccaneers vs. Chiefs

Here we discuss the NFL single game/showdown DFS slates for Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football, and the strategies on how to attack them. We will cover both Fanduel and Draftkings single game and showdown slates. These types of slates vary from game to game but the strategies tend to be pretty similar. Most people want to get their hands on both quarterbacks in NFL single game and showdown DFS lineups and if not then at least one. People rarely play both kickers or DST on single game NFL DFS slates. Vegas lines and player props play a huge part in building lineups as well. You’ll find updated Vegas odds here Vegas insider and player props DraftKings Player Props here. Last thing to think about is pairing a teammate with the captain/MVP spot and if playing both quarterbacks putting in a target for each. All of these strategies do make sense but finding ways to be different is how you will find your way on top of NFL single game DFS leaderboards.

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NFL DFS Super Bowl 55 Buccaneers vs. Chiefs  Overview

Here we are, the last game of a season that had a lot of uncertainties. The O/U currently sits at 56 with the Chiefs favored by 3. In their game earlier in the season the Chiefs won 27-24 and there was a ton of passing yards but everything changes in the Super Bowl. As of now, Sammy Watkins is questionable as is Demarcus Robinson with Covid-19 testing being done but he is expected to be able to play. I think a big thing here though is that both Offensive Tackles for the Chiefs are expected to be out. On the Bucs side, Cameron Brate is questionable but does appear that he will be available.

FanDuel Single Game MVP

1. Patrick Mahomes

Despite missing both of his tackles Mahomes always finds a way to perform on big stages and make things happen. The Bucs defense during the year has been vulnerable to the pass. They have done better during the playoffs but they haven’t played Mahomes. I am expecting plenty of passing going on and he shouldn’t be short on attempts. In their meeting this year he went off for over 450 yards and 3 scores but the big stage is totally different.

2. Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce is making a case to become the best Tight End of all time and he seems to perform every game. He has double-digit targets in his last 6 games played and Mahomes will need to get him the ball if they are going to win this game. The Bucs linebackers have been playing extremely well in the playoffs and it won’t be easy but Kelce can make things happen.

3. Leonard Fournette

For the contrarian play, Fournette seems to be a decent play on Fanduel. He has performed better than many expected in the playoffs and the Chiefs have been weak against the run throughout the year. Ronald Jones still gets his carries but it seems  Fournette has finally taken that lead back role. He has scored every game in the playoffs and on Fanduel touchdowns are king.

DraftKings Showdown Captain

1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Travis Kelce

3. Chris Godwin

With both teams having so many weapons to choose from it will be interesting to see where the ownership lays out but Godwin seems like a contrarian choice for captain. Brady has looked his way more consistently than any of his other targets this season. He may not always have the best performance but he always gets his looks and I think he will need to make stuff happen to give the Bucs a shot.

FanDuel Single Game Super Bowl 55 Flex Plays

1. Tyreek Hill

Hill has finally become a true receiver this season and not just a deep threat. He still has that in his arsenal but he has had double-digit targets all postseason and Mahomes will be looking his way often here. Like I mentioned before the Bucs have been vulnerable to the pass and Hill’s speed will only make it more difficult. I don’t mind him at captain and MVP I just like Mahomes and Kelce a little more. In the first meeting between these two Hill had a career day and it’s hard to contain him.

2. Tom Brady

Brady is here once again in the big game. He seems to just make stuff happen even if he is having down games. He will have all his targets at his disposal for this game and if they are going to keep up with the Chiefs they will need to sling the rock. It will be difficult to fit him price-wise with all these other options but it’s hard to pass on a quarterback in a single game especially Tom Brady in a Super Bowl.

3. Mike Evans

Evans is still considered the number one target in many people’s eyes. He matches up well with basically any corner due to his size and is a jump ball threat in the end zone. Brady has been looking his way in the red zone pretty often when he is in and especially in those jump ball situations. Having the surrounding cast of receivers drops his value some but anything can happen especially in the Super Bowl.

4. Darrell Williams

In the AFC Championship game, people thought that CEH’s return would mean Williams would take the back up role. However, he out-snapped and out carried him and I think that will continue in this game. The Bucs defense is solid against the run but Williams will get some chances once near the goal line and has been more involved in the passing game.

DraftKings Showdown Super Bowl 55 Flex Plays

1. Tyreek Hill

2. Tom Brady

3. Mike Evans

4.Antonio Brown

I prefer receivers on DraftKings due to the full PPR. Brown is playing in his first Superbowl much like many other players from Tampa Bay and I think Tom may make it a point to look his at times. He is always capable of taking one to the house and Brown will likely draw an easier matchup than Evans and Godwin. The honey badger will probably cause some problems for him and the other receivers but Brown will find an opening at some point.

Low Owned Single Game and Showdown Punt Plays

Kickers are always an option in single games and Showdowns as we don’t know what will happen with that and I usually like them in games that are expected to be high scoring.

1. Ronald Jones

With Fournette leading the way all postseason people will forget that Jones has still been getting double-digit carries throughout. This feels like another Super Bowl that a player you overlook goes off and I think Jones will be overlooked by many. I don’t mind pairing him with Fournette if you think the ground game will take over for Tampa.

2. Mecole Hardman

I like this play a lot more if Robinson and Watkins end up being out which doesn’t look likely but regardless it’s a good play. Throughout the playoffs and end of the season, Hardman has been more involved and will likely draw some good matchups for his speed.

3. Cameron Brate

If Brate ends up playing which is looking likely I think people are going to flock to Gronk since it’s a Super Bowl with Brady. That obviously could work out but Brate has been seeing more action than him all playoffs and I don’t see why that shouldn’t continue. The Chiefs will likely even over look him and focus on Gronk when he is in.

Favorite Super Bowl 55 Showdown Stacks

1. Mahome, Kelce, Hill (difficult to afford but can be done)

2. Brady, Godwin, Evans

Contrarian: Mahomes, Kelce, Hardman

Thank you all for reading! Remember to not pay too much attention to left over salary in single game NFL DFS. Don’t be afraid to have 4 from one team and only 1 from another. It is scary sometimes seeing that you don’t have balance between the two teams but these single games are basically like the lottery and having something like that can be the winning ticket. Be sure to utilize Top Flight’s single game optimizers (DraftKings Optimizer, FanDuel Optimizer) Thank you all for reading let’s win some damn money and enjoy Sunday Night Football!

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