League of Legends – 2/4/21


Wow had a strange one yesterday!  We had a winning team score less than the losing team therefore we had a losing team in the winning lineup which is rare especially on a four-gamer.  We have another 4 game slate tomorrow with some exciting games. Lets dive in.


HLE (-305)  vs AF (+215)

This game is think is closer than what the spread suggests.  AF doesn’t die a lot in losses averaging only 13.5 per loss.  Meanwhile HLE average over 20 kills per win.  I think I am leaning AF for the upset here although my exposure on this slate will be mostly else where.  The top lane I think Kiin has the advantage over DUDU although this match is close I give it to AF.  Jungle is also close but I give a very slight edge to Arthur and HLE.  Chovy has been beastly for HLE and dominates the mid lane over FLY.  Deft and Bang are very close in the ADC role but I give the advantage in the bot lane matchup to AF due to Lehands.  I think this game is super close and I see HLE eeking out a 2-1 victory here although you can go either way.


BRO (+250) vs KT (-360)

This should not be a close game.  KT is going to take an early gold lead and snowball that into the objectives and some good old late game domination,  I am not going to break down lane assignments as KT holds the advantage in every lane.  I like KT a lot here for a lot of kills and a 2 game sweep.  Blank and Hybrid are both great starting points for a KT stack and I don’t hate them for a team spot either.


IG (-1200) vs OMG (+550)

This is an amazing spot for IG to start that train a rolling.  OMG are not a good team this year.  IG averages 21 kills per win and OMG averages 17 deaths per loss.  There are some close matchups and i can see OMG trying to keep things close and maybe even stealing a game.  The top lane matchup belongs to The Shy over whoever Aielie.  Xun for IG should dominate the jungle matchup.  Rookie and Wuming I think are closer that what we think but Rookie definately holds the advantage there.  The bot lane for IG which should be better on paper has been shakey and here is where it gets interesting for OMG.  Cold and Eric for OMG can take advantage of the questionable decision making from Wink and Baolan but I do give the advantage to IG.  IG takes this 2-1 but i think it will be closer than what the spread shows.


FPX (-500) vs LNG (+310)

Another interesting matchup here that I think will be closer than the spread implies.  But I do see FPX sweep here.  This team is just too good,  I mean did you see what BO did last game.  16 out of his teams 19 kills, 27 kills on the day. Not to mention his crazy farming which will give him a massive gold lead.  Doinb as well with the farming and gold.  The top lane goes to Nuguri hands down.  Jungle matchup belongs to Bo although Tarzan has been excellent for LNG.  The Mid matchup is very close but as I said Doinb will take an early farm advantage and gold lead here.  I actually give the Bot lane duo to Light and Iwandy.  They have been a great duo so far this year, although you can never count out LWX and Crisp.   I think FPX wins a close match and sweeps.

HLE 2-1

KT 2-0

IG 2-1

FPX 2-0

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Rich Block

Rich is our League of Legends Specialist, and will be covering LPL/LCK DFS Contests on FanDuel and DraftKings.