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Mcgregor vs Poirier

I am an UFC/MMA super fan and usually play UFC DFS strictly on DraftKings. I’ll play 5 lines per event and try to have a little exposure to just about every fighter based solely on the unpredictability of the sport. Check out the UFC website for more information about the UFC 257 card itself. It’s time to get into the UFC DFS picks for UFC 257

UFC DFS Overview and Exposure for UFC 257 McGregor vs Poirier:

McGregor (22-4) vs Poirier (26-6):

This is going to be incredible! These 2 fought in 2014 with Mac getting the tko win, but that was years ago and Poirier is a way better fighter now. McGregor has 19 tko victories and we all know he has insane KO power in his hands, however, he seems to get in trouble when the fight hits the ground and all 4 of his losses have been by submission. Poirier is on fire winning 6 of his last 7 coming in. I will have max exposure to this fight with plenty of love for both guys.

Hooker (20-9) vs Chandler (21-5):

Hooker has been in some bloody wars and always entertains, he is well rounded and has a ton of experience. Chandler has been a champ in other promotions but is making his UFC debut. I was shocked to see Chandler as the dog. I will have a ton of exposure to this one also, as I feel this guys will slug it out in a war.

Eye (15-8) vs Calderwood (14-5):

Eye has lost 2 of 3 coming in and only has 4 finishes. Calderwood has also lost 2 of 3 coming in with only 6 finishes. These ladies aren’t flashy and most of their fights go the distance and that will probably be the case here. I will try to limit my exposure to this one as I don’t think there will be a finish and not a lot of points scored.

Sanchez (12-5) vs Muradov (24-6):

Sanchez is on a roll having won 3 of 4 coming in, but he has been tko’d in 3 of his losses. Muradov is a beast! He is on a 13 fight win streak and has 16 tko wins. I will have a lot of Muradov and maybe 1 line with Sanchez.

Rodriguez (12-1-2) vs Ribas (10-1):

Rodriguez is hot prospect with a great record, however, Ribas is an absolute monster. Ribas is on a 5 fight win streak and has 7 finishes. I will have a lot of Ribas but will play a line with Rodriguez.

Tsarukyan (15-2) vs Frevola (8-1-1):

Tsar has a lot of experience and is well rounded. Frevola isn’t flashy but has proven to be super tough. I will have some of both guys.

Tavares (17-6) vs Carlos Jr ( 10-4):

Taveres has a ton of experience and has been in there with the top of the division, he has lost his last 2 fights coming in. Carlos jr was on a 5 fight streak but has hit a skid also losing his last 2. If it stays standing this favors Tavares but if it hits the ground Carlos jr is a master there. I will have some of both as I feel there will be a stoppage.

McMann (12-5) vs Pena (9-4):

McMann is aging and this will be a good test to see if she still has it. Pena has lost 2 of 3 coming in but she hasn’t had easy fights by any means. This should be a good one. I will have both ladies in lines as I feel there will be a stoppage in this one also.

Rountree (8-4) vs Prachnio (13-5):

Rountree has dropped 2 of 3 coming in but has 5 wins by tko. Prachnio is 0-3 in the UFC and all 3 losses were by tko/ko. Prachnio does boast 10 tko wins but I can’t see him hurting Rountree before Rountree hurts him. I’m going all Rountree.

Lentz (30-11-2) vs Evleov (13-0):

These fights are always the hardest to predict. The extremely experienced veteran vs the undefeated prospect. Lentz is super tough and comfortable everywhere. Evleov is undefeated for a reason, this should be a good one. I will have a lot of Ev but Lentz could be a sneaky play based on the experience and toughness so I will put him in some lines.

Albazi (13-1) vs Zhumagulov (13-4):

Albazi is a beast. He has 12 finishes and his only loss was a split decision. Zhum is super tough and has 6 tko wins. I will have some of both guys but way more Albazi as I feel he will get the finish.

UFC 257 Locks


She is pricey at $9200 but I think she will get the submission win, her ju jitsu is on another level


He is a great price at only $8600 and I just can’t see him losing

UFC 257 Tossups-


I do feel that this fight is way closer than the line makes it seem. Poirier knows that if he loses he may never get another shot for the title and has improved immensely since their first fight. McGregor is always dangerous but sometimes I doubt his motivation as he has so much going on outside of MMA.


This is honestly my favorite fight on the card and could literally go either way. Hooker has the striking edge while Chandler has the wrestling edge but both are above average everywhere. They both have a lot of motivation as a title shot could happen with an impressive win.

UFC 257 Sleepers


As I stated above, I feel he is perfectly capable of pulling off the victory and is insanely cheap at only $7100!


He is only $7700 and I am all over it.

Albazi/Carlos Jr-

Albazi is surprisingly an underdog, I love his pricing at only $7900. Carlos Jr is a cheap $7500 and willing to pay that to stack some beasts.


UFC DFS is extremely unpredictable. Every fighter is a punch, kick, cut, slip away from the fight being over in a split second.



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