NFL DFS Divisional Round Saturday Advice

NFL DFS Divisional Round Saturday Football

NFL DFS Divisional Round Saturday Football Strategy

When attacking a small NFL DFS slate some strategies go out the window. Usually matching up a defense going against offensive players is a big no. However, having 1-3 players going against your defense even your quarterback is no big deal here since we don’t really have much to work with. I still love stacking a quarterback with a target or two and even running it back as well. Having a heavy game stack can make you different in a small slate. The last thing to think about is don’t really pay attention to salary. Sometimes there will be a ton of money left over but if you like your plays don’t force a high price player just because you can. Remember to utilize the FD OPTO and DK OPTO.

Raven @ Bills: O/U 50 Bills -3

Rams @ Packers: O/U 45.5 Packers -6.5

These are all at midweek so make sure to check up these if you use them as a tool to make your lines. Also, check back on this article for updates as the week goes on.

NFL DFS Quarterback 

1. Josh Allen (FD $8.8k/ DK $7.4k)

Allen did his thing as expected last week. Every quarterback on this slate has a difficult matchup but I think Allen will be able to make things happen. Lamar has the better running ability obviously but I think Allen will be the better player this week. This is the expected higher scoring game which I do agree with and he will have plenty of opportunities. On DraftKings, he is actually a discount from Lamar.

2. Lamar Jackson (FD $8.0k/ DK $7.6k)

This game is the one I am most excited to watch this week. Lamar is basically guaranteed for double-digit carries every week and that shouldn’t change here. This doesn’t really mean much to this game but earlier in the year Kyler Murray managed to run for 61 yards and 2 scores on the Bills. This game will be exciting and Lamar and Allen are going to be the reason behind that.

3. Aaron Rodgers (FD $8.4k/ DK $6.9k)

The playoffs give us a bunch of studs on a small slate which makes things difficult. Rodgers does not have an easy task here against this defense. The Packers missing two starting offensive linemen against a stout d line and his completion percentage drops tremendously under pressure. I still think they will get the win but it won’t come easy. I am taking A-Rod and Adams against anybody and I think he will get his but just don’t like him as much as the other two. That being said I will have my fair share, he will likely be lower owned than the two above and his price on DraftKings is hard to pass up.

NFL DFS Running Back

1. Cam Akers (FD $7.0k/ DK $5.7k)

Cam Akers showed us last week that he has no problem being the guy. His price did go up but not enough in my opinion. The Packers have gotten a lot better against the run but they are still vulnerable to it and the Rams have had no problem handing the ball off. He had 28 carries last week which I am not expecting here but he will get his chances.

2. J.K. Dobbins (FD $6.5k/ DK $6.0k)

The Bills haven’t been great against the run in the past few weeks including last week. Dobbins doesn’t get a ton of carries but when they are near the goal line he is usually the back they lean on. It is pretty much him and Edwards in the backfield with Ingram out and I can see him scoring at least once this week.

3. Devin Singletary (FD $5.7k/ DK $4.5k)

This is likely the most chalk pick of the slate but it is difficult to fade him at this price being the clear starting back. With Moss likely out for the rest of the playoffs, Singletary is finally getting his chance to shine. The only thing here though is that last week Allen had 11 carries which was more than both running backs combined.

* Gus Edwards is a nice sneaky play since most people view him as a back up even though he gets the same amount of carries and sometimes more than Dobbins. Aaron Jones is obviously in play but for the price, I will take other backs.

NFL DFS Wide Receiver

1. Stefon Diggs (FD $8.6k/ DK $7.3k)

Diggs is my top receiving option on back to back weeks and it is was hard taking him over Adams I will admit but he is quite the discount on DraftKings. Diggs had himself a day last week with 128 yards and a score. Last week A.J. Brown was able to put up a good stat line against this Ravens team and I think Diggs will be able to do the same. He doesn’t draw a great matchup but neither does any other receiver on this slate.

2. Davante Adams (FD $9.0k/ DK $8.6k)

Adams was the clear number 1 receiver in the league this year and was very consistent. Even if Rodgers has a down game, Adams will still get his. He not only leads the team in targets but he dominates the red zone and end zone. He has a tough matchup but Adams is basically matchup proof at this point he may have a rough start but he should eventually get what we need.

3. Robert Woods (FD $6.6k/ DK $5.9k)

Cooper Kupp has yet to practice this week and rumors are he may not suit up this week. I like Woods regardless but I like him that much more with no Kupp. The Rams have a big task here and I believe will eventually have to lean on the pass and Woods will be the top target that Goff will sling to.

4. Marquise Brown (FD $6.5k/ DK $5.2k) 

Brown has ended the season on an incredible note and carried that into the playoffs. Jackson should be looking his way often and I believe they will be passing often late in the game. They look to get him the ball in many ways and he will save you a little money compared to other number 1 receivers.

* My guy Cole Beasley is a value play I am targeting this slate for sure. Josh Reynolds is very much in play if Cooper Kupp ends up having to miss this game. Allen Lazard will likely go overlooked as well with a lot of other value available.

NFL DFS Tight End

1. Robert Tonyan (FD $6.2k/ DK $4.2k)

It shouldn’t be too difficult to pay up at tight end on this slate which likely means many people will target Andrews. I personally prefer Big Bob Tonyan here against a team that has been letting up a lot to tight ends in recent weeks. He gets a decent amount of targets and has only gotten better as the season has progressed.

2. Mark Andrews (FD $6.6k/ DK $5.0k)

At times Andrews is Lamar’s true number one target. That seems to have not been the case as of late but he still is looked at often in the red zone. The Ravens are going to need to get him the ball to keep them in the game in my opinion. This may be a decent slate to flex a tight end and be contrarian.

* If I am paying down here it will likely be Dawson Knox.

NFL DFS Defense

1. Green Bay Packers (FD $4.6k/ DK $3.9k)

I don’t want to pick any of these defenses but we have to. The packers are playing at home in the cold against an injured Goff led offense.

2. Buffalo Bills (FD $4.0k/ DK $2.9k) 

The Ravens offensive line has allowed pressure consistently this year. They should able to get some sacks and force some turnovers here.

NFL DFS Divisional Round Saturday Football Top Stacks

1. Allen, Diggs, Beasley, Brown

2. Rodgers, Adams, Tonyan, Woods

Contrarian Stack. Rodgers, Adams, Lazard, Reynolds (if Kupp is out)

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Brandon Blanchard

Brandon Blanchard

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