PGA Betting Picks: Zozo Championship



The Rundown:  I’m going to give you my favorite betting picks for this week.  Odds I find are based on DraftKings Sportsbook, however usually you can find similar odds on other sites.  This will include 5 picks for outright wins, including at least 1 long shot pick.

In PGA Betting, its important that every single bet be exactly 1 unit.  Knowing the size of your unit is very important, it is different from person to person.  It can be $1 for one guy, and $1,000 for another, doesn’t matter, the key is to stay consistent.  PGA Betting odds give us very generous opportunities to win a lot of units all at once, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win one this week, stick to a process, stick to unit only betting, and you’ll end up on top more often than not.


Outright Bets:

Outright bets are picks to win the entire tournament.  Place one unit on each of these picks.

  1. Patrick Reed + 2500
  2. Justin Thomas + 1200
  3. Tiger Woods + 3300
  4. Adam Scott + 5000  

Long-shot Outright Bet:  Cameron Smith +8000


UPDATE:  Adam Scott has Withdrawn.


Top 5 PGA Betting

Top 5 bets pay out if your golfer finishes in the Top 5 at weeks end.  I usually like to place 2 of these per week.  Reason being, if I am truly confident someone finishes this high, I’d really just ideally bet the much greater odds they win outright.  This can also be used as insurance sometimes, if you think someone does really well, but want to safeguard in case they finish in 2nd.

  1. Justin Thomas + 275
  2. Paul Casey +1200


Top 10 PGA Bettting

Bets that pay if your golfer finishes Top 10.

  1. Webb Simpson +175
  2. Hideki Matsuyama + 250


First Round Leader

Frankly, FRL bets are always better if you do them live during the tournament, even though sometimes it becomes obvious and the odds aren’t as good.  But since FRL bets are so popular (probably because they’re the closest thing to a DFS Single Round Showdown contest), I’ll provide 2 picks for FRL.

  1. Justin Thomas +1800
  2. Tony Finau +3300


Crazy Prop Bet of the Week

Every week there are multiple prop bets, including Nationality bets, hole in one bets, etc.  I’ll just pick one off the wall one that I think is possible, regardless of odds.

  1. Hideki Matsuyama – Top Asian +150.

Final Thoughts for PGA Betting Picks

Overall here, we’d put 12 units on the line this week.  If you’re new to PGA Betting I suggest you make your unit size for this very low, maybe $1 to start.  As you can see, in 8 of the 12 bets, if we hit just 1 of them, we’d actually profit for the week.  Most sites don’t let you do this, but if they do, do not parlay these ever within the same tournament.  It’s hard enough to hit one during a tournament due to the volatility of the sport, let alone to get 2.

Also, feel free to just bet the outright only.  Those are always going to be the best odds, and would limit your risk to a 5 pick.


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Lenny Hadley

Lenny Hadley

Lenny Hadley is a Co-Founder and Technology/Data Lead for Top Flight. Lenny specializes in NHL, NBA, and PGA. He operates under the user name 'leonardhadley' on both DraftKings and FanDuel.