LOL DFS: League of Legends: Worlds 10/17


LOL DFS Picks for DraftKings and FanDuel

The last of the matches of the semi finals tomorrow and then we are off until next weekend where we will finish off the worlds competition and be done with League and LOL DFS until spring.

TES(-1000) VS. FNATIC (475)

Okay so let’s not get cute here.  TES will win this match either 3-0 or 3-1.  Top ESports has a lead in almost every statistical category.  They have averaged during worlds, 16.7 kills, 8.8 deaths, a +217 gold differential,  and  now we get into 2 of the 3 categories where Fnatic hold the lead TES where they have a first  tower rate of 33% and a first blood at 50%.  For FNATIC to win any game Rekkles and Selfmade will need to take their team on their shoulders.  FNATIC has an average of 12.7 kills, 8.7 deaths, +114 gold differential, 83% first tower and 100% first blood.



LOL DFS Plays for TES plays are Knight, Jackylove, 369



GENG (-125) VS. G2(-111)

This should be a fun one to watch.  I expect GenG to win here.  GenG have averaged over the worlds competition 14.8 kills, 12.7 deaths, they have a gold differential of +199, first turret rate of 67% and a first blood rate of 33%.  G2 comes in averaging 16.4 kills and astounding 16 deaths, a +63 gold differential with a first turret rate of 71% and a first blood rate of 57%.  They should be more active in the early game.  G2 also have seemed really over confident in these worlds and are making a lot of mistakes like over-commmiting on team fights whice are leading to a high death count during the worlds.  I see a 3 to 1 maybe 2 to 2 win for GenG.  Ruler is probably the second best jungle right now and i expect him to dominate the position against G2.


LOL DFS Plays for GenG are Ruler, BDD and Clid



Thank you so much for reading.  Must admit I have enjoyed writing LOL DFS Content for you all and I am kind of sad that league will be over for the year unless DK gives us some lower region league slates.

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