Its Time! MMA DFS PICKS: Ortega vs The Korean Zombie

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I am an UFC/MMA super fan and usually play DFS strictly on DraftKings. I’ll play 5 lines per event and try to have a little exposure to just about every fighter just based solely on the unpredictability of the sport.  Check out the UFC Website for more information about the Ortega vs. The Korean Zombie card itself.


Overview and Exposure for Ortega vs The Korean Zombie:

Ortega (14-1) vs The Korean Zombie (16-5):

I am super excited for this main event! I will have a lot of both guys in my lines.

Andrade (20-8) vs Chookagian (14-3):

Should be a good fight. I will have some of both ladies in my lines.

Baukauskus (11-2) vs Crute (11-1):

This is my favorite fight on the card. These 2 young prospects are on fire and I’d be surprised if went to the judges. Tons of exposure for both.

Silva (14-1) vs Krause (27-8):

Good fight. I honestly can’t believe Silva is the dog here. I will have more exposure for him than Krause for sure.

Almeida (22-3) vs Martinez (12-3):

The line is super close on this fight. Almeida hasn’t has fought in almost 3 years and loss 3 of his last 4 before the hiatus, but he has the experience factor where as Martinez is super tough and never been finished.

Gamrot (17-0) vs Kutateladze (11-2):

Gamrot is one of the best prospects in the world finally making his debut. Its a no brainer for me.

Robertson (8-4) vs Botelho (8-2):

This should be a good fight. Both women are super tough. Robertson is a BJJ black belt. I’ll have some of both but way more Robertson.

Park (11-4) vs Phillips (22-10):

Park is a huge a favorite and for good reason. Phillips has lost 4 of 5 and it seems that age is catching up to him. Lots of Park for me

Ziam (10-3) vs Mullarkey (12-3):

Super close line. I dont know a lot about either of these guys but both are coming off of losses and need this win. Flip a coin. I favor Ziam a little personally and will have more of him

Anitgulov (20-7) vs Grishin (30-8-2):

This should be a good one! Both of these guys have a ton of experience. Antigulov has lost 3 in a row and in 27 fights has only gone to decision 1 time! That is insane. He is a killed or be killed fighter. Grishin will have a 5 and a half inch reach advantage, is coming down from HW. He has also won 7 of 8 coming in to this and is 18-3 since April of 2011! I am sold on Grishin in this one.

Nurmagomedov (13-2) vs Striegl (18-2):

Nurmagomedov is a huge favorite. His fight history shows that he isn’t much of a finisher, having a lot of decision wins. I don’t know a lot about Striegl but he has more fights and outstanding record. His only 2 losses are by way of choke and that is were Nurm excels. I am willing to roll with Striegl in a line or two.


Locks for Ortega vs The Korean Zombie: 


As I stated above, he is on a roll, dropping down in weight, and has a big reach advantage.


He has won 8 of his last 9 and is a huge favorite. He’s a lock for me.


His opponent is tough and on a roll but Gamrot is undefeated for good reason and feel he has this.


Toss Ups for Ortega vs The Korean Zombie:

Ortega vs. The Korean Zombie

I was shocked to see that Zombie was such a huge favorite. Ortega hasn’t fought in almost 2 years but has proven that he is tough as nails and can take a punch. TKZ is on a 2 fight win streak and always puts on a show. This could honestly go either way but with Ortega’s pricing you almost have to play him.



I like both of these guys a lot. Their pricing is about the same on DK so that makes it a legit coin flip. Almeida may have cage rust but has said to have used his time off to sharpen his skills. Martinez has never been finished and will definitely make Almeida earn it.



These two ladies are as tough as they come. Both have been in championship fights, with Andrade being a former champ. Chookagian is quite a big underdog which makes me want to lean towards her more in my lines but could see this going either way.




He has a great shot for the upset. Crute is an amazing fighter in his own right, but Bauk is great also. He is on a 7 fight win streak, 10 of his 11 wins are by finish and 7 of those by TKO! He is only $7200, which is way under priced in my opinion.


He is only $7700. I will be rolling with him a lot. He is a BJJ master and has won his last 3 by choke, oh and he is on a 14 fight win streak!


I dont know a lot about him but he is the biggest dog on the card and is only $7200. I’m definitely rolling the dice with him in a line or 2.


MMA is extremely unpredictable. Every fighter is a punch, kick, cut, or slip away from the fight being over in a split second.