Alsco Uniforms 500 @ Charlotte Motor Speedway – Left Turns

Pocono 350

Alsco Uniforms 500 Race Details:

Track: Charlotte Motor Speedway

Type: 1.5 mile Intermediate Oval

Time: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 – 8:00 pm EST 


I know that we’ve taken some time off for everyone to make sure they don’t have COVID-19, but now we’re back to racing! We have the brand new DraftKings NASCAR Control Tower & FanDuel NASCAR Control Tower putting tons of stats, projections, and proprietary grades in everyone’s hands. When I’m talking about grade ranks, note that I’m not talking about finishing position. We also have a NASCAR DraftKings Optimizer & NASCAR FanDuel Optimizer that will be a huge help with all of the MME this season.

And lets be real about this – NASCAR is an MME sport. It’s a lot easier to win money when you play that way. We should be looking to max enter contests and making the most of those entries. I know not everyone can or will play MME, so below I give you the plays I like best every week. We’re racing at the Charlotte Motor Speedway this week for the Alsco Uniforms 500. This will be a 208 lap race for a total of 500km. Qualifying positions were set based on the results of Sunday’s race. No practice, but we have some idea of drivers to use based off of the last couple races and track history.

Alsco Uniforms 500

This article will look a little different this week. Pricing on DraftKings is drastically different than on FanDuel for this race. What we have though is a good opportunity to see some different lines than what we usually see. DraftKings did the right thing and priced up the safer drivers, making it tougher to construct a lineup that will be unique, while FanDuel pretty much kept pricing pretty consistent.

The Alsco Uniforms 500 is a shorter race than our race this past Sunday. That does change the strategy as with so many fewer laps we will look more for PD than dominator drivers. This is a one, maybe two dominator race, and it will probably be better to make a single dominator lineup.  Also, The weather has some activity tonight and if they get in 104 laps, they could call the race early.

You will definitely want to look at data from Sundays race since that will help us with who had the faster cars. Don’t just look at finishing position because it definitely doesn’t tell the whole story of the race and can be very deceiving.

The Dominators

These are your higher price drivers. Depending on the race, and where they are starting they are more than likely chalk. Cash picks will be underlined!

Over on FanDuel, Martin Truex Jr (15th), Kyle Busch (17th), Chase Elliott (19th), and Kevin Harvick (16th) are all in play as good PD options. They all finished at the top of the race on Sunday, and there is no reason to think they will not move forward in this race. Elliott and Harvick have been the more consistent drivers and probably your better cash plays.

The last driver here on FanDuel is Alex Bowman. He’s starting in the 2nd position, and could be our opening dominator in this race. He led 164 laps on Sunday, and his finishing position wasn’t indicative of how good of a race he had.

On DraftKings, Jimmie Johnson will be starting 40th. He’s got a huge potential for PD since he’s had a fast car all season so far. He’s going to be really high owned making him a cash play. Denny Hamlin is starting 29th and has a ton of PD upside in this race as well. Kyle Busch is also playable on DraftKings, but I will not have as much ownership of him compared to Denny.

I think we see a lot of people trying to fit both Jimmie and Clint Bowyer (39th) in their cash lineups on DK. It’s not a good idea in my opinion as there isn’t a ton of good value to use to offset the price this week. I’m not a fan of Bowyer so far this season as his cars have looked slower than last season. Also, I know that I listed Jimmie as a cash play, but I’m probably going to go light on him in in tournaments on DraftKings. He’s a cash play due to ownership.

The Contenders

8-12k drivers on FD / 7-10k drivers on DK. These drivers have top 5 potential, and will often see some decent ownership. Cash picks will be underlined!

This pricing on FanDuel is pretty straight forward. The drivers you want to play are Denny Hamlin (29th), Jimmie Johnson (40th), and Ryan Blaney (18th). You could also consider Clint Bowyer (39th) here as well since his price is so much lower than some of the other drivers in this tier. I discussed all of these guys in “The Dominators” section above, and the only real change is that I can use Bowyer at this price range.

A driver that I’ve been high on a lot that I’ll be very light on is Kurt Busch (14th). He’s been driving great, but I think his upside here is limited compared to some of the other drivers in this tier. I’ve also been high on Matt DiBenedetto (4th) this season so far and he’s taking a back seat for me in this race for similar reasons.

When we look at this tier on DraftKings, We have obvious standouts in Chase Elliott (19th), Martin Truex Jr (15th), and Kevin Harvick (16th). We can definitely still consider Alex Bowman (2nd) here for his dominator possibilities too. I also like Matt Kenseth in this race. He is still learning the car, but he can definitely finish higher than his 26th start position in this race.

The final driver I’m going with in this tier is Ryan Newman. He’s starting in 27th and has been easily the highest owned driver in the races since NASCAR has restarted. He’s more of a cash play in my opinion, but I’ll have shares in tournaments as well.

The Pack 

Your low – mid tier priced players on both sites. These guys more than likely won’t win the race, but here we will target drivers who will get us points through Position Differential. Cash picks will be underlined!

A lot of the drivers I like in “The Contenders” tier are here on FanDuel for this race. Both Matt Kenseth (26th) and Ryan Newman (27th) are in great sports for PD in this race. another driver that I think is in a good spot this week is Bubba Wallace (38th). Wallace doesn’t have the best car, which is why he always seems to have some sort of mechanical issue, but if his car can stay on the track, he should be easily able to boost his finish position and get us some PD points.

DraftKings makes this a lot tougher on us this week as most of the drivers I like are in higher tiers this week. Ty Dillon (25th) and Ryan Preece (22nd) are not exciting drivers at their starting positions, but they should hang around those spots to end the race. There isn’t a whole lot more to like here for this race unfortunately.

The Yellow Flags 

These are your deep punts – use with caution! They will help you fit the high priced drivers, but may not do much more. Minimize their use in your lineups. Do not use in cash!

I don’t think it’s necessary to use anyone from here on FanDuel for the Alsco Uniforms 500.

My punt recommendation for DraftKings is Quin Houff. Houff will be starting 35th, and gets a slight bump by the rest of the drivers in this price range and starting position combined falling to the back on the pace laps since they didn’t race on Sunday. It wouldn;t surprise me to see him in some cash lineups because of his price, but I’m not doing it!

Avoid Michael McDowell starting 3rd. He’s going to drop down pretty quick here in my opinion.

Good luck and have fun, but remember that NASCAR is an extremely volatile sport. Never go a full 100% on any driver.