Week 6 Cash Game Picks

There were some crazy scores last week as we have a couple of players go off for over 50 fantasy points. Cash lines were almost 80 points higher than normal, and its possible we have another one of those weeks here as well. Some of the lines on these games are active this week, and with the byes, we have to also consider the game in London this week that we can’t play from.

When I create cash game lineups, there are a few things I will want to look at. I want to focus on high floor players. Each position have different stats that determine a high floor. Players with good matchups are typically good cash players to use. I can also look at how a player is used in their position. Vegas lines can be a great tool for making my cash game lineups as well as basic football things, like home field advantage. Of course, ownership is worth looking at as well. Lets see who we can use this week. We will be focusing on the Sunday Main Slate for both DraftKings & FanDuel. Remember this early in the season that stats can fluctuate.

Week 6 Cash Game QBs

When I look at QBs for Cash Games, I want to see QBs that throw a lot of passes. Playing at home and being favored to win with a high implied total are important too. one of the most obvious is playing against a defense in the bottom half of the league. Factor in ownership and there we have it. QBs I like this week are:

Matt Ryan Week 6 Cash play

Matt Ryan (8.1k FD/ 6.4k DK)

The line on this game just keeps moving up and up! Matt Ryan is one of 2 QBs who have thrown for at least 300 yards in every game so far this season. That’s a decent floor for cash all by itself. When you add in that this should be a close game, Ryan becomes even more appealing. The Cardinals are one of the fastest paced teams in the league and that pace will force the Falcons to play paced up as well. The drawback for Ryan this week is that he’s on the road. Everything else adds up to this being a great week 6 cash play.

Lamar Jackson (8.2k FD/6.9k DK)

Lamar Jackson is in a great spot this week. His pass attempts seem to be dwindling a bit, but he’s still averaging 32 passes a game. The matchup against the Bengals is good for any QB, and Jackson is no exception. I think Vegas is fairly accurate on this line, but I’m hoping that won’t matter. He’s thrown 5 INTs in the last 3 games, but this is the type of game that would allow a QB to get back into form. They have the 2nd highest implied total on the slat right now and we should be able to see him as one of the top week 6 cash QB’s in play.

Case Keenum (6.5k FD/5.0k DK)

I personally won’t be going here this week, but if you really want to dig deep for a QB, then Case Keenum may be the guy. Miami has allowed more scoring than any other team this season. the Redskins do have some decent WR weapons. I think this game is going to be a running back matchup, but the price here makes it easier to swallow. The Redskins are favored to win this game and a QB will have to throw the ball at some point in the game. I don’t think we need to drop here this week, but as far as low priced week 6 cash QB’s go, I like him the best.

Week 6 Cash Game RBs

For Cash Game RBs I like to look for players who are getting a good share of the touches. If they are playing at home and are favored to win by Vegas it typically bodes well for them. I also want poor run defenses and it’s definitely a bonus if the RB is a part of the passing game a few times a game. Running back is tough this week.

Leonard Fournette (7.3k FD/6.7k DK)

I really love that the Jags see what they have in Fournette now. He has 58 touches for 382 yards in his last 2 games and he finally scored last week. He’s playing a ton of snaps in general and the offense is using him perfectly to make him a week 6 cash play. The Saints have allowed more rushing TDs than any other team this season, and The Jags are a slight favorite to win this week. He does tick all of the boxes this week to be the RB I target in cash.

Alvin Kamara week 6 cashAlvin Kamara (7.9k FD/8.0k DK)

I’m hearing a lot of people avoiding Kamara this week. I won’t be one of those people. Jacksonville was destroyed by McCaffrey last week and Kamara is cut from the same cloth. The Jaguars are favored here, and normally that would hurt a RB value, but Kamara is too involved in the passing game to have that issue. his cost on FanDuel is too cheap to not lock him in, and it’s fair enough on DrafKings that we will want to play him there as well.

Mark Ingram (7.5k FD/6.6k DK)

Another good matchup for Ingram this week against the Bengals putrid run defense. They have given up the most rushing TDs this season (also the Saints) and are 31st in yards/game allowed. The Ravens run the ball a lot being 2nd in attempts/game and 6th in YPC. If there are red zone carries, you will see Ingram with the ball. He’s losing some carries every week to other backs/Lamar Jackson, but he’s been consistent this season.

Week 6 Cash RB Notes

These players do not necessarily fit the mold of my cash game formula, but I think they will have decent ownership and have good floors at their price. They should hit value.

Carlos Hyde Great matchup with 2 high powered offenses. I think he can see 20 touches in this game and has a chance of falling into the end zone.

Le’Veon Bell Cheap RB play on FanDuel that will allow you to fit a little bit of a higher priced RB to pair with him if you wish. The matchup is great, but the Jets may have to resort to the pass sooner than later.

Chase Edmonds will be taking the RB duties for the Cardinals this week if David Johnson doesn’t play. In that case, expect him to be huge chalk.

Week 6 Cash Game WRs

Your Cash Game WRs are tougher to come by usually, since there is so much variation in this position. You want receivers who get see targets as quantity is often quality with WRs. Sometimes you can play defensive matchups, but general passing defense is worth looking at. Having their team being favored to win by Vegas is always a plus. This is a spot I will often pay up for in my cash games for at least 1 spot.

Julio Jones (8.5k FD/8.0k DK)

This is a matchup that everyone should be taking advantage of. Arizona hasn’t been able to stop anyone so far this season and with this game being paced up will mean more Julio. The Falcons are passing a ton, almost completely avoiding the run this season. It doesn’t matter which side he lines up this week as both CBs are horrible. we could see vintage Julio here with a ton of receptions and yards and maybe even a couple scores.

Cooper Kupp (7.8k FD/7.1k DK)

Kupp is a target monster again, and you have to consider him every week in Cash. He’s seen a minimum of 9 targets a game this season, has TDs in his last 3 games, and over 100 yards in his last 4. The matchup here is the tough one, as SF has been stopping the pass quite a bit. I think Kupp is borderline matchup proof though. this should be a good game, and I think he can be productive here as well. He”s almost a lock for me as a week 6 cash WR.

Larry Fitz week 6 cashLarry Fitzgerald (5.6k FD/6.1k DK)

To belabor the point, the Cardinals offense is fast paced and are outpacing every other team in the league. Fitz has been a big part of that and with Kirk, Byrd, and DJ potentially out this week, it’s possible that FItz will be the focal point of this offense. Atlanta was crushed by Houston last week, and their defense has been more than beatable this season. This is a prime week 6 cash pick.

Week 6 Cash WR Notes

These players do not necessarily fit the mold of my cash game formula, but I think they will have decent ownership and have good floors at their price. They should hit value.

Terry McLaurin sees a really bad Miami defense and should be the main target for the Redskins.

Will Fuller Huge week and a chase play. This one could pay off as the matchup is perfect for him to go off again. Fuller only catches TDs in bunches.

Byron Pringle will be in play due to recency bias and should show ownership. He may be worth it, but his price is just about minimum.

Mohamed Sanu  The Cards can’t stop the slot either. Solid production from a low priced WR. Good play if you don;t want to pay up for Julio.

Week 6 Cash Game TEs

Some of the things I look for in a Cash Game WR I also look at for Cash game TEs. Some of them are very different, but you’re looking for TDs. Ways to try and find those TDs are by looking at the TE defense of the opponent compared with the WR defense in the passing game. Targets is another great way to look for good TEs to use. I also find that TEs that play at home do better quite often.

Austin Hooper (6.4k FD/5.0k DK)

So I know Eifert didn’t pan out, but Austin Hooper is seeing way too much action in the passing game as it is. Put him in there against the Cardinals and we should see him go off! Hooper is 2nd in fantasy points for the TE on the season and he’s in an offense that not only focuses on the passing game, but really looks at the Tight End (i.e. Tony Gonzalez) Hooper is a week 6 cash play without a doubt.

Gerald Everett week 6 cashGerald Everett (6.0k FD/3.6k DK

This may seem like a chase play after he went off last week, but look at his price on DK and tell me you don;t want to play him. The Rams are going short with their passing game the last couple of weeks and Everett has been reaping the rewards. with the potential for points this week, we should be looking at another productive game from him.

Will Dissly (6.0k FD/4.9k DK

Cleveland has not been showing much luck at stopping the TE this season, and though Dissly has to come down to earth at some point, this won’t be the week. I may lean his way on FD over Everett, but I think he’s tougher to play on DK…I wouldn’t go out of my way to fit him in.

Week 6 Cash Game DST

You can go 2 ways with DST for Cash Games. The first way you can go is to play a high priced chalk defense that will hopefully get you a lot of sacks, interceptions and a TD. Another route is you look for the value DST who may not get you as many sacks or interceptions, but will easily hit their price value. Home defenses are often better, but look for struggling offenses to matchup against.

Ravens DST (5.0k FD/4.1k DK)

This is the pay up this week. The Ravens are going to make it hard for the Bengals to do much of anything this week.

Redskins DST (4.2k FD/3.2k DK)

Playing a Miami team who hasn’t done much should make almost any DST a good play. Decent lower price option.

Dallas DST (5.0k FD/4.3k DK)

Another pay up. Projected to hold the Jets to one of the lowest totals of the week. Should allow for some decent ownership.


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