First or Last 6/15 GPP Rundown


Alright, alright, alright…….Not a huge fan of this slate to be honest. Pitching is dicey. Not that I don’t like the pitching options it’s just their price points really limit their value. It might be the kind of slate that we lean on an upper tier pitchers flood more so then the ceiling. You guys know my feeling about playing on the weekends so keep it lite tonight.

***Im out and about so there won’t be much detail here today.****
Odorizzi- Solid matchup but for his price he really has about 50 Point ceiling on FD so this is a case where we look at his floor.
Montas- On a slate that lacks value he is really the best option. It’s a risky matchup but Montas does have the SO ability that offers a very good ceiling in a plus SO matchup
Thor- he’s priced decently for this slate and he gets a Cards team that’s been pretty horrendous as of late. It does carry risk as he’s been reverse splits and this Cards team has a bunch of RHH that are historically good against RHP.
Newcomb- he hasn’t been great but over the last couple seasons he has shown the ability to rack up Ks and we’ve seen this phillies team go super cold and SO. For his price on FD I think he’s worth a flier in GPP
Top Stacks (in order of preference)
Let’s talk about Coors- I’m not sure this is the night you full stack Coors. I know it’s Coors but you have 2 pitchers who haven’t been terrible and I know Marquez has been bad at home but I think we cherry pick and go with some one offs in our lineup.
Yanks- Reverse righty going against one of the best reverse RHH lineups
Rangers- virtually any lefty in the lineup will do as Roark is starting to regress as expected.
Dodger lefties- Yu either crushes or gets crushed there’s no inbetween. Dodgers are also a lot better at home.
Twins- I’m sorry but this team is in play every night against a mediocre pitcher and bad bullpen.
A’s- man Leblanc’s HR/9 is real bad and the A’s have been hitting LHP pretty well and Leblanc will give way to a mediocre BP.