First or Last 6/14 GPP Rundown


First or Last

Alright, alright, alright………Monster slate here tonight with plenty of pitching options at all levels and some stacks in nice spots. Lets try an narrow it down and climb to the top tonight.

How this article works

Remember this article is meant to be a first or last approach to MLB. MLB to me is the greatest sport to go contrarian because every hitters floor is basically zero. I like being different in MLB and personally like to full stack whenever possible because that’s how you can really climb the leaderboards and take shit down. This will basically be my overview on the slate and how to approach it which means it will change from day to day. Some days I might like a lot of pitchers and other days I may only like a handful. I will always list some low $$ stacks to pair with higher priced pitchers and when I label it mini I only suggest 2 man stacks but If I don’t mention it I suggest you use your favorite strategy when building lines.  The low dollar stacks can/should also be applied to the mid range pitching options. Below is a quick overview of what to attach to specific tiers of pitching

***See change below to stack approach marked with *

Top Tier- low $ and mid $ stacks

Mid Tier- low $ and High $ or Mid $ and Mid $

*Low Tier- Preferably high $ but take a look at the stack ranks and play appropriately.

High Dollar Pitching

Cole- Its not because he’s the most expensive guy on the slate and its not because he has the highest floor. Its because he has the highest K rate of qualified pitchers on the slate and the best matchup of all the top priced pitchers. He is the upper tier guy that I think has the most realistic shot at hitting 70 FDPTs.

Low Dollar Stacks to Pair

Reds- Dietrich will be popular but were looking at a BP game for the Ranger and the bullpen isnt that great. Dietrich, Votto, Puig, Senzel

Mid Dollar Pitching-

I’m not all that in love with this tier but we do have some options that could provide us a nice potential ceiling.

Heaney-(the price is a little steep but I still like him) I will continue to play lefties against the Rays if they keep striking out at this clip and they get Heaney who in his first 3 starts has a amassed a monster 41% K rate. His batted ball metrics are bad and he will give a HR or 2 but he doesn’t walk many batters or allow very many hits so the ER against should be limited. I can def see Garcia and Diaz taking him yard here tonight.

Gibson- He is quietly having a very nice season and has landed himself into a solid 30ish FDP floor. He gets a Royals team that has been doing dick against RHP and SO a ton. He gets a K bump against the royals which raises his ceiling

Low Dollar Pitchers

Pivetta- Man it seem like Tim and I were chopping this one up for quite a bit today. He’s really changed up his approach since coming back up and gets a Braves team that looks like they have been mashing RHP over the last 14 but haven’t faced the greatest RHP in that stretch (PIT & MIA). Pivetta has changed his approach a ton by dropping usage of FB and throwing the Slider and the Curve a lot more. The movement on both pitches has been a world of a difference and he’s avg about 2 MPH more on his Slider now. He has also been locating his FB better since coming up. He’s always had top tier SO stuff but got dinged up by the longball. If he cant keep the Braves in the park tonight he should be able to gather enough SO to pay off his price and allow us some very nice bats.

Overall Pitcher Ranks

Ranks are determined not just by points but price, ownership, lineup construction, and value.

  1. Pivetta- Yup I’m going a little crazy here. I really like the builds I get with him as my pitcher. Ultimate first or last
  2. Cole- Big slate means lots of value so of course I like the pitcher who I think has the biggest and most realistic ceiling on the slate
  3. Heaney- I think he’s a little pricey but could have a high ceiling if the Rays come with their free swinging bats. Legit has a chance at 10+ SO
  4. Gibson- Mr boring and ho hum. Solid matchup with a solid floor and priced just about right

Stacks Section

High $$$ Stacks

Red Sox- This one could get out of hand against that Bal bullpen. Pretty much everyone in play

Rockies- Look at all those LHH in that lineup against Quantrill who allows 49% HC and only 4% SC. I would full stack Blackmon and the boys here tonight

Mid $$$ Stacks

A’s- This team has been cooking against LHP as of late (small sample though) and Marco has been a steaming turd pile as of late and he will give way to a bad BP. Canha, Chapman, Pinder, Davis, Olsen

Indians- Yup Carpenter stinks period the end. Lindor, Mercado, Luplow, Perez

Padres- Hoffman major reverse splits. Tatis, Machado, Reyes

Low $$$ Stacks

Reds- Dietrich, Senzel, Votto, Senzel

Tigers- So Plutko likes to get smashed by RHH and the Tigers just so happen to have a couple of RHH hitting RHP well as of late.——Jones and Cast I wouldn’t go more then a mini stack here.

Stack Ranks

  1. Red Sox
  2. Rockies
  3. Reds
  4. A’s
  5. Padres
  6. Indians
  7. Tigers

Fav One Offs and Value one offs

***Ill go by position***

C -Sanchez, McCann

1B-Bell, Duda

2B-Dozier, Alberto

3B- Rendon, Seager

SS-Tatis, Crawford

OF-Trout, Reyes, Garcia, Pham, Cooper