Firsr or Last 6/12 GPP Rundown


First or Last

Alright, alright, alright………Ok we have a small slate here tonight so we have a ton of plays listed as we really have to consolidate our player pool and focus on creating unique lineups. Will list my fav stacks in order of preference. I’ll be focusing on low dollar pitching tonight and getting different with my stacks.

How this article works

Remember this article is meant to be a first or last approach to MLB. MLB to me is the greatest sport to go contrarian because every hitters floor is basically zero. I like being different in MLB and personally like to full stack whenever possible because that’s how you can really climb the leaderboards and take shit down. This will basically be my overview on the slate and how to approach it which means it will change from day to day. Some days I might like a lot of pitchers and other days I may only like a handful. I will always list some low $$ stacks to pair with higher priced pitchers and when I label it mini I only suggest 2 man stacks but If I don’t mention it I suggest you use your favorite strategy when building lines.  The low dollar stacks can/should also be applied to the mid range pitching options. Below is a quick overview of what to attach to specific tiers of pitching

***See change below to stack approach marked with *

Top Tier- low $ and mid $ stacks

Mid Tier- low $ and High $ or Mid $ and Mid $

*Low Tier- Preferably high $ but take a look at the stack ranks and play appropriately.

High Dollar Pitching

None- I really don’t see the need to pay up for Verlander tonight against a Brewers team that can go off against anyone.

Low Dollar Stacks to Pair

Not paying up so no need for low stacks to pair.

Mid Dollar Pitching-

Berrios- He could be considered high dollar but since we have Verlander tonight he’s mid dollar. Its no secret that this Mariners offense is hit or miss but they do SO a ton. Berrios is a different animal at home and I really like him tonight as a low owned high SO ceiling play. I will be honest and say I think he’s a tad too expensive but he should certainly be a contrarian play.

Low Dollar Pitchers

Lucchesi- This Giants team is really bad as evidenced by their super low ISO to LHP. The thing I like about Luc is that he has legit SO stuff.  The park is very pitcher friendly and Luc is priced beautifully with plenty of K upside. This to me is a pretty safe play given his price, opponent, park, and K upside.

Hess- Ok full disclaimer on this guy…..theres a good chance he gets lit up and no im not basing this off his great performance against them earlier in the year. As always with the F&L we take calculated risk and Hess is just that. If you’re a GPP player and not playing Hess in a line then are you really DFSing. Hess will be in my main line tonight. He is super cheap and has bad opponent who cant hit slider (one of his primary pitches, not very good but still a slider). Hess has been a guy we’ve picked on all year but he has faced some pretty amazing teams to RHP so is his lack of success just an unlucky schedule? That remains to be seen but all I know is that he’s dirt cheap, has a bad opponent, and he strikes people out. Balls on the table sign me up

Overall Pitcher Ranks

Ranks are determined not just by points but price, ownership, lineup construction, and value.

  1. Lucchesi
  2. Hess
  3. Berrios
  4. Verlander
  5. Mikolas- It’s the Marlins but theres just nothing exciting about this guy.

Stacks Section

A little different look for tonight.

Popular stacks I like and will be playing



Popular Stacks im Fading

Blue Jays- Chalk Jays just never pays off and im about being different

Contrarian Stacks

Phillies- Kingery, Bruce, Hoskins, Realmuto- a reverse splits pitcher with a 1.73 HR/9 going into this park against a bunch of reverse RHH and an on fire Bruce. Sign me up at next to no ownership

Dbacks- Marte, Peralta, Escobar- Efflins been ok but his numbers against LHH are real real bad.

Braves- Freeman, Swanson, Acuna, Riley, Albies- One of the higher projected teams on the slate and will go massively underowned against a shit pitcher.

Tigers- Cast, Cabrera, Dixon, Rodriguez- I hate Danny Duffy and I think he is a garbage ass pitcher. These guys have some pretty big ISO numbers against LHP

Stack Ranks

  1. Twins
  2. Braves
  3. Phillies
  4. Dback
  5. Orioles
  6. Tigers

Fav One Offs and Value one offs

***Ill go by position***

C -Severino, Hicks

1B-Bell, Austin

2B-Moose, Ronny Rod

3B- Carpenter,Ruiz

SS-Mondesi, None

OF-Ozuna, Merrifield, Alvarez