Low owned (some), lower dollar options

Berrios- high HC (47%)and FB (54) to lhh over the last 30 days. Extremely high woba of 360 to RHH over that same stretch.

⁃ Blue Jay targets- Smoak, Morales, Girchuk, Travis

Bieber- high HC 52%, Woba 411, slg 576 to lefties.

⁃ Pirate targets- Dickerson, Polanco, and maybe Moran but I’ll just stick to the top two. I have a feeling they will be popular and Bieber is actually pretty decent to rhh.

Tanaka- was having trouble with RHH all season and it’s continued since he’s come back. Small sample so I’ll give you the season 2.36 HR/9, 326 Woba, 40% HC, and 45% FB…..numbers are worse since he’s come back.

⁃ Rays have been one of the better teams to Rhp over the last 30 and are continuing to trend upward over the last 14 with wrc+ of 134, 361 woba, and 206 iso
⁃ Rays targets- Cron, Gomez, Robertson…..Bauers- lhh but smashing right now

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