Robs Cash Picks 7/21 Main

Alright, alright, alright…….We has a couple bum pitchers last night but if you guys went with my fav you should have been sitting pretty with your cash lineups.

I’ll be honest I’m having a hard time figuring out where I want to go with pitching tonight. We have Verlander, Kersh, and Bum getting a lot of talk today in cash games. I can see why but I’m not entirely confident paying up for Verlander and Kersh because again we have big bats in big spots tonight. I don’t mind Bum but I don’t know if I trust him enough yet for cash at that price………Looks like it’s another night to pay down…..well maybe.

Drumroll………..King Felix and I’m not to happy about it lol. I’ve been doing pretty well analyzing Vegas data with my cash pitching picks and the CWS have just about the lowest run total on the board and the Mariners are -225 favs which makes them by far the biggest favs on the board. I know where I wanna head with my bats and it’s not possible without paying down in this price range. *****see my edit below. Im to lazy to delet***

Here are pitcher rankings

0. Felix- nervous as shit but rolling him out but that Vegas data has been good to me lately.
0. Cahill- the Giants have been dreadful to RHP over the last 30 and trending even more downward over the last 14. Cahill could end up replacing Felix.
0. Bum- his K rate is rising and HC is falling. I’d say he’s a little safer then the two above but his salary restricts the bats you can get in.
0. Verlander- solid floor but playing a team that’s trending upwards against RHP and he’s way to expensive for me.

****doing this on my phone and I’ve decided to switch Cahill in as my main cash play*****

Value guys

Calhoun-OF-2.5K- Batting leadoff- over the last 30 days Verlander is allowing 4.63 HR/9, 470 Woba, and over 700 slg to lhh hitters….wow. Calhoun over that same stretch is has wobas and iso in low 400s! While sporting FB and HC rates in the mid 40% with a 737 slg.

Reddick-OF-2.7K-Batting 5th- I think everyone knows my love for Reddick and it could be a downfall of mine but I’ll always take lower priced guy batting in the middle of that order.

Gallo-OF-2.7K-batting 6th- it’s a short sample size but Carrasco has been getting pretty lit up by LHH recently and Gallo is ultimate boom or bust play. Still pretty cheap and sure to be that low owned guy you need in cash to go with your chalk.

Bader-OF-$2.3K-Leadoff- Monty isn’t overly terrible to RHH but Bader is batting leadoff at a very low price. He’s has a respectable 382 woba and 222 iso over the last 30 to RHP so that helps.

Teams you’ll want exposure to

Indians- no surprise here they will be chalk city again.

Twins- Junis is a piece of shit and the twins are very affordable. Junis is terrible to both sides of the plate so feel free to fire whoever up.

Rockies- I know again but they have been very good against RHP lately and Godley has had some troubles. His walk rates are sky high and it’s been getting him into trouble this year. I wouldn’t go crazy with the big bats but guys like Cargo and Parra make for great one offs or pair one with Blackmon or Arenado to have a little mini stack.

Ranger Lefties- I’m all over this one like I stated above about Carrasco. It’s hot as fuck in Texas and the Rangers have some super powerful lefties……Odor, Gallo, Choo are all great plays.

Mariners- Covey has fallen apart and this entire team will draw heavy ownership with the Indians because most are priced pretty low. You’ll def wanna grab some exposure to them even if it’s just a one off. Seager, Healy, Span, Gamel are the guys Im looking to target (the cheapies)

Ok guys I don’t have any one offs as I’ll be sticking to the plays above. Be sure to check the weather page and head over to the matchups tool page to help with your research. Good luck and win some fucking money!

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