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Alright, alright, alright……..So we fucking nailed Snell yesterday but the line I posted missed my cash game by .1……….yes point fucking 1. O well. If you didn’t use it and use the info in the article then there’s a good chance you cashed with the low cash lines yesterday. We have another early slate so let’s jump into it. Remember to go to the matchups page and couple this article with your own research to construct the perfect cash lineup.

***not a lot of lineups out yet so I’m working on projected lineups. I leave for a business trip tomorrow so I will try to update as lineups roll in but feel free to comment, tag me, or send a damn carrier pigeon to my house if you got info or need help***


Those of you who read my cash strategy article ( know it a big believer in following the chalk pitcher….well I’m not today. Keuchel should dominate ownership today going up against the CWS but I’m backing off. At 9.6K I’m just not comfortable with his floor. I anticipate him to come in around 40% so it’s pretty scary to fade him cause he could put up big numbers, so if you left your big boy balls at home just go ahead and play him. If I’m paying in the upper tiers for cash pitching I’m gonna go Porcello. I wouldn’t expect any crazy high scores but the Royals are a really bad bunch of hitters right now and his floor is pretty secure today. Now if you wanna play with some big balls like me today let’s fire up Eovaldi. Outside of Snell he’s the only pitcher the Rays allow to pitch substantial innings and he gets the Mets today. There is always risk when starting a 6.8K pitcher in cash but I actually think he’s gonna draw some ownership today. I’m rolling Voldi today with some supercharged bats.

Low Dollar Plays-

Kyle Tucker OF 2K- a 2K player in the Astros lineup? Sign me up and sign everyone else up too he should be chalk as fuck.

Reddick OF 3K- I know again but priced a little higher. I’m going to keep playing him as long as he keeps paying off. He didn’t quite yesterday but he’s a great correlation play with Tucker

Knapp C/1B 2.2K- this guys is smashing the ball right now and is severely under priced. Over the last 30 days Knapp has a .499 WOBA, .441 ISO, 48% FB, and 57% HC to RHP. Pretty fucking impressive for a 2.2K player huh?

Devers 2.7K 3B- just too cheap for a good bat in that lineup. He’s gonna go well with the rest of the Sox I have.

That’s it for the cheapies. I have 4.2K left and I can do pretty much whatever I want. Here are some players I’ll be targeting to get into my lineup

Altuve- I know I preach no three man stacks but his consistency can’t be ignored and you’ll need Astros exposure today.

JD, Betts, Boogerfarts but feel free to use any Red Sox but I prefer these guys

Judge- I have the money left over and he’s crushing the ball right now. He rarely gets ownership in cash because if his price but I’m gonna fire him up here today.

For those paying up at pitcher today (nothing wrong with it just not where I’m going) here are some cheaper teams in good spots today to fill you cash lineups

Rangers——these guys are so cheap

As always be sure to verify lineups and check weather before lock to ensure your players and games will be played. Have fun and let’s get our cash on.

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