Lenny’s Links – The ATT Byron Nelson

REMINDER: If you haven’t already, checkout our new PGA Rankings page.   Basic Facts: Essential Stat Categories:  SG: Approach, Scrambling, GIR%, Bogey Avoidance, Approach 175-200, SG: OTT.  (Basically, all the approach based statistics).   Mile High Overview So this is going to be a very fun, but very challenging week.  We basically have to throw […]

Landing Gear, 5/10

Let’s talk about Matt Carpenter. If you quickly glanced at his numbers, you would keep on moving, but upon a little closer look, we can see some reason for optimism and evidence that positive correction could be coming. A guy with a .152 batting average and three homers through the first month and a half of the season is certainly not ideal, but if you’re looking for a buy-low candidate in you...